14 Feb., 2004: IP Justice: EU Poised to Attack P2P File-Sharers and Punish Non-Commercial Infringements

Feb. 4, 2004: IP Justice Analysis of 3 EU Proposals (Council, EP, and Commission) on Key Issues

March 12, 2004: Report from EDRI on the Passage of the EU IP Enforcement Directive

EurActiv Report on Passage of Directive, with Links and Positions (also see EurActive coverage of IP Rights)

Roll Call Vote Tally with Analysis from AEL (Association Electronique LIBRE)

9 March Open Letter from Markus Beckedahl Regarding IP Enforcement Directive – “Willkommen im Reich der Intellectual Property – Mafia” (German / Deutsch)

9 March Press Release from EFA and the European Green Party on the Passage of the EU IP Enforcement Directive

9 March Press Release from the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association (ETNO) – Word Document

9 March Report from Laurence Vandewalle of EU Green Party on passage of EU IP Enforcement Directive

Full text of 9 March EU Parliament Debate Now Available

Comments by MEP Cappato translated into English: “The risk is that those with the most organized access to lawyers and law firms – the bigger groups – will be able to better scare and racket small and very small companies and in the end consumers as well.”(English)

Comments by MEP Cappato (Italian / Italiano)

Comments by MEP MacCormick: “A balance has not been struck…” (English)

8 March MEP Marco Cappato Release Announcing 9 March Press Conference at EU: “Fourtou Report and Digital Freedom”

8 March Comments Made by Fortou Prior to Passage (HTML) and Rebuttal to Fourtou’s Positions (PDF)

4 March MEP Marco Cappato Release: 35 MEPs Table Amendments to Protect User’s Privacy and Ensure Proportionality and Fairness

3 March EDRi/CODE Press Release: “Coalition Urges Rejection of Controversial EU IP Directive”

25 Feb. FFII-UK Update: “FFII urges all European citizens to contact their local constituency MEPs as soon as possible, to make them aware of the dangers of this Directive.”

24 Feb. EFF Action Alert Urging Europeans to Immediately Contact EU MEPs and Oppose Directive

23 Feb. Report from JURI Committee Meeting on EU IPRE Directive from Andreas Dietl of EDRI

16 Feb. Council Proposal. This is the most recent proposal that is about to become the law of the EU unless amended – official version in (.pdf) or (word). See also: Overview of directive with links by James Heald

Amendments Proposed by EDRI/FFII-UK to Limit Directive’s Scope to only Commercial Infringements, etc.

European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA) Statement on IPRE Directive (word)

US Gov’t Comments to EU on IPRE Directive: Recommends Targeting Non-Commercial Copying

Inter-Agency Submission with input from USPTO, USTR, US Copyright Office, US State Dept. (February 2004)

11 Feb. Strasbourg EU MEP Meeting (Reports, Statements, Official Results)

Feb. 12, 2004 Report from the Strasbourg IPR meeting by James Heald

Feb. 11, 2004 IP Justice Statement to the EU Members of Parliament (HTML, PDF, Word document)

Feb. 11, 2004 Speech of Georg Jakob: “Deharmonization Through the Directive”

Feb. 10, 2004: Analysis from FFII and Andreas Dietl (FIPR) (see all available statements)

Jan. 28, 2004: Mintues from informal meeting on IP Enforcement Directive between Presidency of Council, rapporteur, and shadows of the European Parliament (HTML, PDF, Word document)