(24 July 2009)  Harold Feld posted an entertaining article about ICANN’s constant mistreatment of noncommercial users and subordination of the public interest to select commercial interests.  

The article, posted to Wetmachine, chronicles the recent and ongoing tragedy of the Noncommercial Stakeholder Group Charter (NCSG) at ICANN — told as a "Scooby Doo" mystery.

According to Harold Feld’s take on the story:

"In other words, ICANN is kinda like cross between a bad TV sitcom and a reality show. But like so many TV shows with a small-but-devoted fan base, ICANN now finds itself on the bubble waiting to find out if it will be renewed. Sadly, there are signs that ICANN has definitely jumped the shark. And no, I don’t mean the “new kid on the block” addition Rod Beckstrom to boost ratings. I mean recycling the same tired plot line of ICANN staff and Business & IP constituencies trying to limit the ability of the Non-commercial User Constituency (NCUC) to “cause trouble” — especially those meddling civil society do-gooders Milton Mueller and Robin Gross. Season after season, we get to see the same accusations that NCUC is “divisive,” or “not representative” or other code words for “Goddam it! Get those $#@! civil society groups out of our club house!!!!”…."  (read the rest of Harold Feld’s tale here)

 vanJoin Scooby Doo and the rest of the Mystery Crew in the Noncommercial Users Constituency (NCUC) to fight for the public interest at ICANN!   😉   Join NCUC here.

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