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Coalition of Public Interest Groups and Tech Companies Urge US Congress to Oppose Rule Changes that Enable Government Hacking of Personal Computers

A group of civil liberties groups and technology companies wrote to US Congressional leaders today to oppose the proposed changes to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. The change to the rule would grant federal magistrate judges broad authority to issue warrants for hacking and surveillance in cases where a computer's location [...]

IP Justice Joins Amicus Brief in U.S. Supreme Court Case Apple v. Samsung

In a key legal battle pending before the U.S. Supreme Court over the reach of design patents, IP Justice joined other public interest organizations in asking the court to overturn a controversial decision from the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals that would have negative consequences on technological innovation. The U.S. Supreme Court amicus curiae brief [...]

Dissenting Opinion of Member Robin Gross to ICANN CCWG Accountability Report on Issue of Enhancing Governmental Control Over Internet via ICANN Accountability Reform Process

Dissent of Member Robin Gross to CCWG-Accountability Report as .pdf (18 February 2016) Dissenting Opinion of Individual Member Robin Gross on the Issue of GAC Over-Empowerment, Marginalization of Supporting Organizations While the majority of recommendations included in the CCWG-Accountability Report for Work Stream 1 mark significant and laudable improvements for ICANN’s accountability processes, the proposal [...]

IP JUSTICE JOURNAL: The Internet in China by Konstantinos Komaitis

The Internet in China: A New Normal? by Konstantinos Komaitis - September 1, 2015 Full Article as .PDF The Great Wall of China is not just an amazing structure; its role and purpose are equally fascinating. Built over two centuries, the main purpose of the Great Wall was to protect China from its enemies and [...]

IP Justice Letter on New GTLD .Music “Community” Priority Evaluation & Application’s Impact on Free Expression and Innovation

IP Justice sent a letter today to ICANN expressing concern about an application for the .Music new Generic Top-Level Domain (GTLD) and its impact on freedom of expression, innovation, and competition on the Internet. Read IP Justice's letter here. (.PDF) Re: Opposition to .MUSIC “Community” Application Based on Freedom of Expression and Innovation Policy Concerns [...]

IP JUSTICE JOURNAL: Internet Infrastructure and IP Censorship by David Post

Internet Infrastructure & IP Censorship By David G. Post - August 1, 2015 Full Article as .PDF Many scholars and other observers of developments in Internet governance, law, and policy have commented upon an unusual and important phenomenon that has become more widespread in recent years: using control over access to critical portions of the [...]

IP JUSTICE JOURNAL: ICANN Accountability Deficits Revealed in .AFRICA Panel Ruling

ICANN Accountability Deficits Revealed in .AFRICA Panel Ruling By Robin D. Gross - 16 July 2015 Full Article as .PDF “Fortress ICANN” No Longer Able to Shield Itself from Accountability In an important test of ICANN’s primary accountability mechanism, its Independent Review Process (IRP), the organization has been handed a stinging blow over its mishandling [...]

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