Call to Action: Say No to the GAC veto!

If you’ve been following our coverage recently, you’ll want to sign the petition telling the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that you oppose a U.S. Commerce Department proposal to give the world’s governments arbitrary power over the Internet’s domain name system.

The proposal would give national governments the right to block the creation of new web site addresses. Proposals for new top level domains could be vetoed by the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) of ICANN “for any reason.” This means that governments could object simply because the name is controversial, or because one or two governments don’t like the applicant, or because an authoritarian government wants to suppress the kind of content that might be published under a specific top level
domain name.

The proposal will be discussed at the upcoming ICANN Brussels special meeting on Feb 28.

Don’t waste a second, sign the petition today!