According to Oct. 2007 USTR "Fact Sheet", the proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) would contain the following provisions:

International Cooperation: Cooperation among the parties is a key component of the agreement – including sharing of information and cooperation between our law enforcement authorities, including Customs and other relevant agencies. Areas for possible provisions include: 

o Capacity building and technical assistance in improving enforcement 

o International cooperation among enforcement agencies. 

Enforcement Practices: It is necessary to establish enforcement practices that promote strong intellectual property protection in coordination with right holders and trading partners. Such “best practices” would support the application of the relevant legal tools, as outlined by the Legal Framework. Areas for possible provisions include: 

o Formal or informal public/private advisory groups; 

o Fostering of specialized intellectual property expertise within law enforcement structures to ensure effective handling of IPR cases; 

o Measures for raising consumer public awareness about the importance of IPR protection and the detrimental effects of IPR infringements; 

Legal Framework: It is critical to have a strong and modern legal framework so that law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, and private citizens have the most up-to-date tools necessary to effectively bring counterfeiters and pirates to justice. Areas for possible provisions include: 

o Criminal enforcement 

o Border measures 

o Civil enforcement 

o Optical disc piracy 

o Internet distribution and information technology