Statement From Civil Society on Tunisia and WSIS (19 Sept. 2003)
IP Justice is a signatory on this petition of 44 civil liberties groups calling on Tunisia to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

Global’ Support for Information Society Targets – Cyberspace seen as a Shared Resource for the Global Public Good
International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
May, 2004

International Press Institute Resolution on WSIS II
International Press Institute
May, 2004

FSF Europe on WSIS: “Fighting Intellectual Poverty”
By Georg C.F. Greve
FSF Europe and the Boell Foundation, Germany

“A new balance between intellectual property and the right to knowledge?”
By Giona Mattei

“The WSIS: whose freedom, whose information?”
By Solana Larsen

The Physical Access Security to WSIS: A Privacy Threat for the Particpants

For the Transnational Radical Party the Focus Should be on Civil Liberties and Open Source

Press Statement of the Indigenous Peoples Delegation to WSIS
Hosted by Indymedia

WSIS violates data protection guidelines
Hosted by Indymedia

The Public Voice (see Internet Governance)
Hosts public events allowing individuals to interact with policy makers regarding Internet Governance