Policy Proposals to Keep the Internet Core Neutral


ICANN’s Non-Commercial User’s Constituency (NCUC) introduced 5 proposals to amend the draft GNSO recommendations for a policy to introduce new generic top-level domains (gtlds).

NCUC’s amendments are intended to provide some recognition of respect for freedom of expression rights in the GNSO recommendations. NCUC proposes that ICANN keep the core neutral of national, regional, moral, and religious policy conflicts.

The current draft GNSO recommendations would not permit a controversial or offensive word to be included in a top-level Internet domain name and would expand the rights of trademark owners on the Internet.

After the GNSO policy council votes on the recommendations, it will send its final report to the ICANN Board of Directors. ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) is also developing policy recommendations for the ICANN Board on new gtld policy.

ICANN’s Board of Directors could make a final decision on the policy for evaluating applications before the end of the year.

More information:

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