Why Artists Oppose the European Union Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive

Michael Franti, Spearhead

“Prosecuting fans who share music files in order to prevent piracy is like outlawing sex to prevent pregnancy.

I do not support the spirit of this legislation because it does more to punish fans than it does to help artists and labels adjust to the expansive future of the electronic revolution. Fans, labels and artists alike are going to need to make changes in the way we buy, sell and market music, but the draconian nature of these laws is more of an attack on civil liberties than it is a solution to the changing times we are living in.”

~ Michael Franti –Spearhead

Michael Franti is the leader of the acclaimed musical group Spearhead. Mr. Franti is a poet, songwriter, musical performer, and has been a recording artist for over a decade. Spearhead has sold tens of thousands of records, completed several world tours, and has performed on numerous network TV and radio programs. Many of Spearhead’s songs are available for free download from the band’s Website at: http://www.stayhuman.org