Feb. 20, 2006 WIPO Resumes “Development Agenda” Talks
Developing Countries Continue Push for Balance at WIPO
Oct. 5, 2005 2005 WIPO General Assembly Continues Support for Development Agenda
Broadcasting/Webcasting Treaty Negotiations to Conclude by 2007
June 20, 2005 “Development Agenda” Meeting Considers Proposals to Reform WIPO:
Developing Countries Call for Weighing Costs Against Benefits of Intellectual Property Rights
April 14, 2005 Battle Over the Future of WIPO:
First and Third World Clash on Development Agenda
Nov. 22, 2004 Illegal Procedures at WIPO Pushes Broadcast Treaty Forward:
“Divide and Conquer” Strategy Sends Debate to Secretive Regional Meetings
Nov. 18, 2004 WIPO Steps Up Pressure on “Special Interest” Broadcast Treaty:
Ignores Concerns of Developing Countries and Artists
June 8, 2004 Treaty to Grant Broadcasters “Copyrights” Endangers Public Interest:
Proposal Will Eliminate Public Domain and Harm Technological Innovation
Mar. 9, 2004 EU Passes Dangerous IP Law, Despite MEP’s Conflict of Interest:
Midnight Knocks” by Recording Industry Get Go-Ahead
(English) (Italian / Italiano)
Mar. 8 , 2004 Consumers Rally at EU Today Against Dangerous IP Enforcement Directive:
Artists Claim Law Will Not Help Them and Will Harm Consumers
Mar. 2, 2004 CODE Media Release: Coalition Urges Rejection of Controversial EU IP Directive
Including IP Justice’s “Top 8 Reasons to Reject the EU IP Rights Enforcement Directive”
Feb. 23, 2004 Controversial Intellectual Property Law Rushes EU Parliament:
European Consumers Face “Nuclear Weapons” of IP Law Enforcement
Feb. 14, 2004 European Union Poised to Attack P2P File-Sharers
Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive Targets Non-Commercial Infringement
Jan. 12, 2003 Italian Court Rejects First EU Copyright Directive Seizure
Rules Modification of Sony Playstations is Legal
Dec. 22, 2003 “DVD-Jon” Defeats Hollywood
Consumer Rights Upheld in Norway
Dec. 8, 2003 Final Witness for Prosecution of “DVD-Jon” Testifies Today
Norwegian Appeals Court Hears 3 Witnesses from 2600 Magazine Litigation
Dec. 2, 2003 Jon Johansen Retrial Begins in Oslo Appeals Court
“DVD Jon” Publishes New iTunes Fair Use Computer Program
Nov. 5, 2003 EU Copyright Directive Takes Effect in United Kingdom
UK Outlaws File-Sharing and Circumvention Devices
Oct. 20, 2003 FTAA Treaty IP Chapter “Threatens Freedom and Free Trade”
IP Justice White Paper Reveals Treaty Would Send P2P File-Sharers to Prison
Sponsors Petition to Delete FTAA Intellectual Property Chapter
Sept. 18, 2003 Movie Studios Attack Distributors of DVD Copying Software
New DMCA Lawsuit Filed to Prevent Fair Use of DVD Movies
Sept. 2, 2003 Court Rejects DMCA Claim Against Garage Door Manufacturer
‘Common Sense’ Prevails in US Copyright Case
Aug. 11, 2003 International Civil Liberties Coalition Urges Rejection of IP Enforcement Directive:
Campaign for an Open Digital Environment (CODE) Sends Letter to EU to Protect Consumer Rights and Competition
May 15, 2003 IP Justice Asks U.S. Copyright Office to Empower Digital Media Purchasers
Proposes Exemptions to Allow Users to Access DVDs, CDs, and Ebooks on Devices They Choose
May 13, 2003 IP Justice Urges Italian Green Party to Fight for Intellectual Property Freedom
Civil Liberties Under Attack as EU Implements New Copyright Law
May 5, 2003 Text of French EU Copyright Directive Bill Now Available
May 5, 2003 EU Parliament Considers Software Patents
European Scientists and Small Business Protest U.S.-Style Patent Policy
April 16, 2003 Italy Implements EU Copyright Directive
Consumer Rights Restricted with Little Debate
April 7, 2003 California Lawyer of the Year Joins IP Justice Board
Silicon Valley Attorney Allonn Levy Brings Cyber-Litigation Experience to New Civil Liberties Group
Mar. 3, 2003 Norwegian Appeals Court Orders Johansen Retrial for Dec. 2, 2003
Hollywood Pushes to Outlaw Competing DVD Player Software
Mar. 3, 2003 Lexmark Wins Injunction Against Competitor’s Printer Toner Cartridges
U.S. Copyright Office Seeks Public Comment on Static Controls Petition For Digital Copyright Law Exemption
Feb. 25, 2003 New International Civil Liberties Group Urges Global Reform of Intellectual Property Laws
Publishes Principles of IP Justice to Protect Consumer Rights
Jan. 31, 2003 Grassroots Effort in Finland Defeats EUCD’s Broad Bans
Jan. 20, 2003 Hollywood’s Hunt for “DVD-Jon” Continues:
Prosecution to Appeal Teen’s Acquittal
Jan. 7, 2003 Norway’s “DVD-Jon” Not Guilty:
Hollywood Dealt Another Blow in Battle to Ban Code