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July 26, 2005 Industry, Non-Profits Advise Negotiators on WIPO Development Agenda (
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Nov. 22, 2004 WIPO Broadcasting Treaty Discussions end in Controversy, Confusion (
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July 11, 2004: MIP Unveils 50 Top IP Figures: Names Robin Gross of IP Justice (
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June 10, 2004: Il WIPO Pensa Ad un DMCA Mondiale [Italian] (Punto Informatico)
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May 31, 2004: Italy’s Online Piracy Law: Debate Over Tough Steps (International Herald Tribune)
May 28, 2004: Italy Passes Tough Internet Piracy Law (Associated Press)
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Mar. 10, 2004: Proprietà intellettuale, la UE approva [Italian] (Punto Informatico)
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Mar. 1, 2004: The Nuclear Weapon of Digital Rights Law (Infoshop News)
Feb. 28, 2004: DVD copiers win big in state court ruling: Encryption code said to have lost trade secret status (San Francisco Chronicle)
Feb. 26, 2004: EU anti-piracy directive heads for final vote (ZDNet UK)
Feb. 10, 2004: When the US says jump, we say…. (ZDNet Australia)
Jan. 6, 20034: Piracy Ruling is Music to Ears of Two (The News Observer, North Carolina)
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Dec. 28, 2003: Will DVD acquittal mean tougher copyright laws? (ZDNet News)
Dec. 24, 2003: Will DVD acquittal mean tougher copyright laws? (C|Net
Dec. 5, 2003: Jon Johansen re-trial begins in Oslo Appeals Court (
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Dec. 2, 2003: Hacker Enters Not Guilty Plea (Wired News)
Dec. 2, 2003: DeCSS: Jon Johansen Retrial Begins (Legal Media Group)
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Oct. 29, 2003: Consumers Left Out in the Cold (Legal Media Group)
Oct. 29, 2003: US Library of Congress Attacked for Failing to Protect Consumers (The Inquirer UK)
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Oct. 14, 2003: Techsploitation: Who Owns Your Thoughts? (Annalee Newitz, San Francisco Bay Guardian)
Oct. 5, 2003: Richtlinie zum Schutz der Rechte an geistigem Eigentum auf Abwegen [German] (Matthias Hannich, Heise Online)
Sept. 15, 2003: Ukrainian – Digital Battle in the European Union [Ukrainian] (BBC Ukrainian)
Sept. 15, 2003: Rimandato il voto sulla Euro-DMCA [Italian] ( Punto Informatico)
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August 18, 2003: Fighting the EU IP Enforcement Directive / Campaign for an Open Digital Environment (
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August 13, 2003: Noch schärferes Urheberecht für Europa? [German] (
August 13, 2003: Bürgerrechtler protestieren gegen EU-Richtlinie zum Schutz geistigen Eigentums [German] (Heise Online)
August 12, 2003: New Lobby Group To Fight EU Intellectual Property Directive (
August 12, 2003: IP Enforcement Directive “like DMCA on steroids” (OUT-LAW.COM)
August 11, 2003: Group Warns of Europe’s ‘DMCA on Steroids’ (Matthew Broersma, ZDNet UK)
August 11, 2003: EU’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive (
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July 25, 2003: Verisign Loses Appeal in Dispute Over Address (Howard Mintz, The Mercury News)
July 18, 2003: Les Rencontres du logiciel libre ont fait le plein à Metz [French] (Thierry Noisette,
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May 2, 2003: Anti-piracy laws backed by movie studios criticized as overly broad (Associated Press)
April 25, 2003: LA Federal Judge Rules Morpheus, Grokster Not Liable for Piracy (Associated Press)
April 24, 2003: Copyright, da oggi norme più severe e prezzi in aumento per i cd vergini [Italian] (La Stampa)
April 23, 2003: US Security Developer Snared In Legal Tar Pit: An open-source security app may be the first victim of so-called super-DMCA laws (George V. Hulm, Information Week)
April 23, 2003: Calcio-spettacolo e diritto di cronaca [Italian] (Daniele Coliva, InterLex)
March 4, 2003: Norway Court to Rehear Case Over DVD Software (Erik Gruenwedel, Billboard)
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Jan. 7, 2003: Norwegian Teen Acquitted of DVD Piracy (Doug Mellgren, ABC News)
Jan. 7, 2003: Norway Teen Cleared of Hollywood Piracy Charges (Inger Sethov and Sue Zeidler, Norway)
Dec. 21, 2002: Critics Weigh In on Copyright Act (Joanna Glasner, Wired News)
Dec 17, 2002: Russian group cleared in digital test case (Patti Waldmeir, Financial Times)