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1/7/2004 Updates

Verizon wins appeal over RIAA subpoenas
Published Jan. 6, 2004

Court bars music downloading subpoenas
By Dawn Chmielewski
The San Jose Mercury News
Published Dec. 19, 2003

Canada okays P2P, taxes players
By Colin McClelland
Australian IT
Published Dec. 15, 2003

Canada deems P2P downloading legal
By John Borland
ZDNet News
Published Dec. 12, 2003

Kazaa is legal, says Dutch Supreme Court
Published Jan. 5, 2004

Dutch Supreme Court Rules Kazaa Legal
By Joris Evers
Published Dec. 19, 2003

DVD Jon seals victory
Published Jan 5, 2004

No appeal on DVD Jon ruling
The Australian
Published Jan. 6, 2004

“Digital Music Needs A New Track”
By Aude Lagorce
Forbes Magazine
Published Jan. 6, 2004

‘Lawsuit Barbie’ Fails for Mattel
By Christine Steiner
The Los Angeles Times
Published Jan. 7, 2004

12/11/2003 Updates

Patenting Air or Protecting Property? Information Age Invents a New Problem
By Jonathan Krim
The Washington Post
Published Dec. 11, 2003

12/9/2003 Updates

DVD ‘Hacker’ Pleads Not Guilty in Piracy Appeal
By Inger Sethov – Reuters (UK)
Published Dec. 2, 2003

The sounds of silence in Bernal Heights / Tavern owner ends live music after ASCAP suits
By John Shinal – The San Francisco Chronicle
Published Dec. 3, 2003

– IP theft ‘terrorism’: WIPO
Australian IT
Published Dec. 4, 2003

TiVo, Gemstar end lawsuit, team up
By Richard Shim – CNET
Published June 9, 2003

Blind eye to piracy
By Chris Jenkins – Australian IT
Published Nov. 25, 2003

FCC to Look at Phone Firms’ Use of Internet to Carry Calls
By Christopher Stern – The Washington Post
Published Nov. 29, 2003

Canadian distributor may sue song pirates
By Kathryn Greenaway –
Published Nov. 29, 2003

Music industry rejoices over file-sharing victory
By Bill Heaney – Taipei Times
Published Nov. 27, 2003

Assesment Technologies v. WIREdata (PDF)
7th Circuit Court of Appeals
Decided Nov. 25, 2003
Concerns the ability of firms to copyright material that appears in databases, but is not otherwise copyrightable.
(Summary: “This case is about the attempt of a copyright owner to use copyright law to block access to data that not only are neither copyrightable nor copyrighted, but were not created or obtained by the copyright owner”)

Diebold retreats; lawmaker demands inquiry
By Paul Festa – CNET
Published Dec 1, 2003

Internet royalty case lands in Supreme Court
CBC News
Published Dec 4, 2003

Japan police arrest two P2P users
Published Dec 3, 2003

11/17/2003 Updates

WSIS Agenda lacking as U.N. info society summit looms
By Associated Press
Published on Nov. 14, 2003

Brazil Gives Nod to Open Source
By Associated Press
Published Nov. 16, 2003

Free trade at a price
By Nathan Cochrane –
Published on Nov. 11, 2003

Australian IT – ISP staff named in MP3 case
By Kate Mackenzie – Australian IT News
Published Nov. 14, 2003

11/16/2003 Updates

Chinese Borders close on copyright pirates
From China Daily
Published Nov. 10, 2003

UK business don’t ‘get’ copyright laws
By Mathew Broersma –
Published Nov. 13, 2003

European copyright laws flawed
Published Nov. 14, 2003

Best Buy Threatens FatWallet with DMCA Lawsuit
From FatWallet Forum
Published on Nov. 14, 2003

Australian Musicians back copyright change
By Chris Jenkins – Australian IT News
Published Nov. 17, 2003

Judge shuts garage opener copyright suit
By John Borland – CNET News
Published Nov. 14, 2003

Canadian Industry Minister Cautions Against WIPO Ratification
From Lex Informatica
Published Nov. 12, 2003

Australian IT – Open source group wins grant
By Kate Mackenzie – Australian IT
Published Nov. 12, 2003

Caught by the Act
By Frank Ahrens – Washington Post
Published Nov. 12, 2003

Altnet says P2P spies violate patent rights
By John Borland – CNET News
Published Nov. 11, 2003

Share ‘True Crime,’ do the time
By Declan McCullagh – CNET News
Published Nov. 12, 2003

11/11/2003 Updates

Free trade at a price
By Nathan Cochrane
Published Nov. 11, 2003

11/10/2003 Updates

Pirates face the music – and it might be jail
By Leonie Lamont
Published Nov. 11, 2003

A continent full of criminals
By Bill Thompson of BBC
Published November 7, 2003

Tech Summit to Tackle Net Issues

By Associated Press
Published Nov. 10, 2003

The Canadian Recording Industry Condemns Government Inaction On Copyright
Mi2N – Music Industry News Network
Published Nov. 10, 2003

11/7/2003 Updates

Treaty casts shadow on Webcast rights
By Declan McCullagh
Published Nov. 6, 2003

11/6/2003 Updates

Russia overhauls IP protection
Managing Intellectual Property
By Valery Medvedev
Published November, 2003

Will copyright treaty benefit Canadians?
The Toronto Star
By Michael Geist
Published November 3, 2003

Vietnam opts for open source
Yahoo! News
Staff Report
Published November 3, 2003

Lawmaker gives thumbs-up to RIAA clampdown
By Declan McCullagh
Published October 31, 2003

11/1/2003 Updates

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