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11/5/2004 Updates

11/3/2004 Updates

10/19/2004 Updates

10/7/2004 Updates

5/6/2004 Updates

FTAA Negotiations Postponed a Month
MercoPress – Falklands-Malvinas & South Atlantic News
Published March 11, 2004

The FTAA and Failure to Prevent a Failure
By Victor M. Carriba
No al ALCA

Beware FTAA
The Barbados Advocate
Publushed March 18, 2004

Americas trade plan ‘dead’ -Venezuela’s Chavez
Reuters Wire Report
Published April 2, 2004

FTAA talks collapse
Truth About Trade & Technology
Published April 7, 2004

Brazil pessimistic about FTAA deadline – sources
By Andrew Hay
Published April 7, 2004

Letter – FTAA could break nation’s back
By Madelyn Nelson
Herald Tribune (Florida)
Published April 12, 2004

Argentina uncertain about meeting FTAA deadline
Reuters Wire Story
Published April 15, 2004

‘No’ to bilateral trade deals
By Geralyn Edward
Daily Nation (Barbados)
Published April 16, 2004

Diario Liberazione: Interview with Hugo Chavez Frias ?CThe People are with me?6?D

Translated from Spanish by Philip Stinard
V (Venezuela)
Published April 18, 2004

Hugo Chavez Frias proposes ALBA as an alternative to the FTAA
Translated by Philip Stinard
V (Venezuela)
Published April 20, 2004

Spence: No new trade restrictions
Daily Nation (Barbados)
Published April 25, 2004

It’s ‘Up to Brazil,’ U.S. Official Says of FTAA
By Jane Bussey
Hispanic Business
Published February 27, 2004

US, Brazil to meet on stalled FTAA next week
By Doug Palmer
Published April 19, 2004

Venezuelan activist attacks globalization
By: D’Ivoire Johnson
Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Published April 28, 2004

1/7/2004 Updates

Groups plan to sue city over FTAA actions by police
By Jay Weaver
The Miami Herald
Published Dec. 8, 2003

– FTAA protest leads to police brutality
The Badger Herald Online (Wisconsin)
By Megan Costello
Pubished Dec. 11, 2003

Legal observer details police violence against FTAA protesters in Miami
By Suzanne Smither
Miami Activist Defense
Published Dec. 16, 2003

Question Of Police Brutality At FTAA Raised Again (Jacksonville, FL)
Published Dec. 16, 2003

FTAA Fallout Finds Chief Timoney
NB6 News (South Florida)
Published Dec. 17, 2003

“The FTAA Report Back”
IMC Chiapas
Published Dec. 22, 2003

FTAA Threatens Public Education in Canada
By Dave Weatherall
Canadian University Press
Published Dec. 23, 2003

Venezuela Would Lose 1.3 Billion Dollars a Year if FTAA is Signed
Published Dec. 26, 2003

Free Trade Area of the Americas Fizzles
By Marcelo Ballve
NCM News
Published Jan. 4, 2004

12/9/2003 Updates

FTAA takes stage in Senate race
By Lesley Clark – The Miami Herald (FL)
Published Dec. 8, 2003

U.S. Cobbling Together Free Trade Nations
By Traci Carl – Associated Press via Miami Herald (FL)
Published Dec. 5, 2003

Civil liberties concerns rise in wake of FTAA events
By Michael Kuchta – Union Advocate (Minnesota)
Published Dec. 5, 2003

AFL-CIO asks for investigation of police practices at FTAA
By Coralie Carlson – Naples (Florida) Daily News
Published Dec. 4, 2003

Local protesters: Miami police violated rights
By Mike Saewitz – Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)
Published Dec. 3, 2003

Study suggests FTAA will increase poverty
The Barbados Advocate
Published Dec. 3, 2003

FTAA security review shouldn’t be done by cops
By Jim Defede – The Miami Herald
Published Dec. 2, 2003

11/25/2003 Updates

11/20/2003 Updates

Americas Free Trade Back On Tap As `FTAA Lite’ Proposed
By Mike Esterl – Dow Jones
PUblished Nov. 20, 2003

Healthcare professionals voice their fears on FTAA
By Beatrice E. Garcia and Nancy San Martin – Miami Herald
Published Nov. 20, 2003

Police Shoot Journalists in Back as Ministers Keep Americas Trade Pact on Course
By Michael Christie and Doug Palmer
Published Nov. 20, 2003

Clashes resume after thousands march peacefully
From Miami Herald
Published Nov. 20, 2003

Thousands come to Miami to say “F-T-A-A, No Way!”
By Eric Peterson – Worday Minnesota
Nov. 20, 2003

FTAA blueprint allows countries to avoid key parts of deal
By Jane Bussey – Miami Herald
Published on Nov. 19, 2003

Miami: Hundreds protest FTAA
By David E. Plazas
Published on Nov. 19, 2003

FTAA Negotiations Close to Failing in Miami
Nov. 19, 2003

Miami Puts on Battle Gear for Trade Protests
From Reuters
Published on Nov. 19, 2003

Commerce Secy Evans: US Flexible On Agriculture Tariffs
By Mike Esterl – Dow Jones
Published on Nov. 20, 2003

Police, Trade Protesters Clash in Miami
By Michael Christie and Doug Palmer
Published on Nov. 20, 2003

Brazilian diplomatic victory may prove hollow
By Guy de Jonquiares –
Published on Nov. 20, 2003

Free-Trade Bloc Framework OK’d in Miami
By Associated Press
Published Nov. 20, 2003

Ministers Keep Americas Trade Pact on Course
By Michael Christie and Doug Palmer
Published on Nov. 20, 2003

11/18/2003 Updates

U.S. Seeks Separate Free Trade Pacts
By Traci Carl – Associated Press
Published on Nov. 18, 2003

FTAA Would Hurt Caribbean Nations
From Barbados Advocate
Published on Nov. 18, 2003

11/17/2003 Updates

FTAA: Trading Away Democracy by Cyril Mychalejko
Nov. 17, 2003
Published by Cyril Mychalejko

Miami Trade Talks Hit Their First Snag
By John Pain – Associated Press
Published Nov. 17, 2003

FTAA Ministers Begin Talks on Free Trade Deal
By John Pain – AP
Published Nov. 17, 2003

11/16/2003 Updates

Five Protesters Are Arrested in Miami
By Rachel La Corte, AP
Published Nov. 15, 2003

Bolivia Offers Cautionary Tale for FTAA Negotiators
By Adam Saytanides – In These Times
Published Nov. 16, 2003

CANADA: Police “Excessive” at 2001 Quebec FTAA Protest – Report
By Mark Bourrie, Inter Press Service News Agency
Published Nov. 14, 2003

Venezuela Demands Bush II Administration to Reduce FTAA Risk to Poor Countries
By David Coleman –
Published Nov. 14, 2003

Demonstrators Surround Miami Trade Talks
By John Pain, AP
Published Nov. 16, 2003

11/11/2003 Updates

Brazil-US Dispute Could Hijack FTAA Ministerial Meeting
By Bruce Cheadle of CBC News
Published Nov. 11, 2003

A more flexible FTAA
By MercoPress
Published on Nov. 10, 2003

GM tops list of FTAA private-sector donors
By Douglas Hanks III of Miami Herald
Published Nov. 10, 2003

Brazil Stiffens Its Stance on Free Trade
By Alan Clendenning, AP
Published Nov. 11, 2003

11/8/2003 Updates

U.S. speeds the pace of FTAA
The Washington Times: United Press International
Published November 8, 2003

11/6/2003 Updates

Collaborative effort necessary for FTAA progress
The Barbados Advocate
Staff Report
Published November 6, 2003

Caricom pushes to get FTAA’s headquarters to Port of Spain
The Jamaica Observer
By Rickey Singh
Published November 6, 2003

FTAA out of reach?
The Nassau Guardian (Bahamas)
By Martella Matthews
Published November 6, 2003

11/5/2003 Updates

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