IP Justice Past Campaigns:

WSIS was a United Nations iniative, conducted in 2 phases: the first in Geneva in 2003, and the final phase in 2005 in Tunisia.  WSIS was intended to bring governments, business, and members of civil society into a dialogue on development issues for the Information Age.

The CODE campaign was an international coalition of civil liberties groups and consumer rights initiatives working together to protect consumer rights, innovation, and competition and reform the most dangerous provisions of the first European Union Directive on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property (EU IPRED 1).  After some improvements (not all), IPRED passed the EU Parliament in March 2004 and EU countries were given 24 months to implement the Directive into national law.

The FTAA Treaty was a failed attempt by the United States Government to conclude a hemisphere-wide trade pact on a broad range of issues, including imposing more restrictive intellectual property rights laws on all countries in the America’s (except Cuba).  FTAA negotiations stalled in 2005 and have splintered into a series of bilateral negotiations between the US and other countries.