Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The second meeting of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was held from 12-15 November 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

The main themes of discussion for the 2007 IGF were openness, access, diversity, security, and management of critical Internet resources.  The main sessions were all webcast and can be viewed at the host country website.  All transcripts from main sessions are available.  All workshops and other sessions were audio-cast and will soon be available for download in mp3 at the host country website.

Key documents for IGF-Rio 2007:

See IP Justice @ IGF-Rio 2007: Specific events that IP Justice is involved with at IGF-Rio 2007.

The Brazilian hosts have published a website with more information on the 2007 Internet Governance Forum, which was held at the Windsor Barra Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The UN Secretary General issued an invitation to all stakeholders to participate in the Internet Governance Forum in Rio. 

More details on IGF-Rio including information on remote participation are available at the official IGF website.


Open Consultations

The third round of IGF Open Consultations was held on 3 September in Geneva to finalize the preparations for the Rio meeting (transcript).

The second round of open consultations was held as part of a cluster of WSIS related events in Geneva from 15-25 May, 2007. A full transcript of the Open Consultation on 23 May 2007 is available here.

Photos from 23 May Open Consultations in Geneva:

Contributions: Stakeholders were invited to send in contributions, as an input into these consultations or post their comments in IGF’s online discussion section. Contributions and discussion posts received by 20 May, 2007 were reflected in a synthesis paper summarizing the input received.


IGF Open Consultations at the UN in Geneva on 13 February 2007

As a first step for preparing the Rio de Janeiro meeting, a stock-taking session took place on 13 February 2007 in Geneva. The full transcript of the meeting is available for download and the IGF Chairman’s closing remarks remarks can be downloaded separately for easy access. The Web cast of the session can be accessed here and a list of participants can be viewed here.

IP Justice Executive Director Robin Gross delivered the statement of the A2K@IGF Dynamic Coalition at the 13 Feb 2007 IGF Open Consultation.