Giovanni Ziccardi is Professor of Legal Informatics at the School of Law, University of Milan. A lawyer, he is Founder and Chairman of the Italian Cyberspace Law Conference, one of the most important European Conferences concerning cyberspace law.

Professor Ziccardi is Editor-in-Chief of the International Scientific Review “Cyberspace and Law” and a Member of the Scientific Committee of AIGA Foundation (Italian Young Lawyers Association), and a former arbiter for eResolution. Before teaching law at the University of Milan, Professor Ziccardi spent seven years conducting research at the Research Centre of History of Law, Philosophy and Sociology of Law and Computer Science and Law (CIRFID) at the University of Bologna. Issues studied during these seven years were civil rights in the Internet era, computer crimes, information security, open source and free software, computer and network forensics, and cryptography. The research was developed under the supervision of Professor Enrico Pattaro, former Director of the Centre.

In addition to lecturing as a guest speaker at various universities and symposiums, he writes regularly on cyberlaw issues, such as digital copyright, civil rights in cyberspace, cryptography and law, and computer crimes in national and international publications. Ziccardi has written five books (concerning cryptography and law, copyright, domain names issues, internet and law) and more than 30 papers (included two papers published in Japan Law Reviews). He is admitted to practice before the Italian courts. Ziccardi is a graduate of Modena University and holds a Ph.d in Legal Informatics from University of Bologna.