IP JUSTICE JOURNAL: The Internet in China by Konstantinos Komaitis

By |September 1st, 2015|

The Internet in China: A New Normal?
by Konstantinos Komaitis – September 1, 2015

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The Great Wall of China is not just an amazing structure; its role and purpose are equally fascinating. Built over two centuries, the main purpose of the Great Wall was to protect China from its enemies and invaders, especially the […]

IP JUSTICE JOURNAL: Internet Architecture as Proxy for State Power by Laura DeNardis

By |August 15th, 2015|

Internet Architecture as Proxy for State Power
By Laura DeNardis, Ph.D. – August 15, 2015

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Internet Freedom in the Age of Internet Control
The Internet is no longer just a communication system. It is also a control system in which more objects than people are connected to the network. Society is moving from a […]

IP Justice Statement at IGF Open Consultation of IGF Dynamic Coalition for Access to Knowledge and Free Expression (A2K@IGF)

By |May 13th, 2008|

"IPR protection has always been given to creators and inventors in exchange for some benefit to the public. These are usually included in IP law as exceptions and limitations that can provide a benefit to the public. For example, when copyright owners permit the copying of their materials for private and educational use, they contribute to the general pool of knowledge available on the Internet. The practice of remixing, re-using, editing, and combining of audio-video and text to comment on culture and create transformative works depends upon a system of robust exceptions and limitations to exclusive rights. This coalition supports innovation and the creation of wealth through IPR incentivization, but we also seek to support alternative models for creating knowledge goods, including free and open source software, or open scholarly and scientific journals, and on-line access to scholarly research, publicly funded research, and essential documents such as legal information. The A2K@IGF coalition welcomes a discussion in Hyderabd that explores best practices for promoting sharing of knowledge and access to information and that explores a variety of business models designed to encourage creativity and innovation. We welcome participation from all stakeholders in this ongoing discussion to build an open and inclusive Internet to promote human development and individual empowerment...."

Sign the Petition to EU Parliament to Use Open Standards and Promote Interoperability

By |March 13th, 2008|

If you are a European citizen, sign the petition to "Open Parliament" and encourage the use of open standards and interoperable systems in the European ICT sector. The Open Parliament Petition states that citizens should not have to use the software of a single company in order to communicate with their elected officials or participate in the legislate process. All companies should be given the chance to compete freely for contacts to supply ICT services to the European Parliament. Read and sign the full-petition here....

25-27 Feb. 2008 Conference on Standards and the Future of the Internet in Geneva

By |February 10th, 2008|

OpenForum Europe are pleased to invite you to a conference on: "Standards and the Future of the Internet - the role of open standards, standards development and standards organisations for innovation and healthy marketplaces" 25-27 February at the International Conference Centre, Geneva In a keynote session on 26 February, OFE Chief Executive, Graham Taylor, will moderate a panel of highly distinguished speakers: Vint Cerf (Google), Bob Sutor (IBM), HÃ¥kon Lie (Opera Software) and Andy Updegrove (GesmerUpdegrove)

IP Justice Report on 2007 Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

By |November 19th, 2007|

Links to Audio, Video, and Photos of IGF-Rio. Where 2007 IGF Excelled: High Quality of Independently Organized Workshops, World-Class Technical Capabilities, Offline Interactions & Networking Opportunities; But: Human Rights & Controversy Avoided, Glaring Lack of Gender Balance & Youth Voices, Last' Year's Speakers ...

Digital Education Workshop at the 2007 IGF-Rio

By |November 6th, 2007|

13 Nov 2007 at IGF-Rio: "The Digital Education and Information Policy Initiative: Towards the Development of Effective Exceptions to and Limitations on Copyright in the Realm of Digital Education"

Standards Edge Conference: Digital Inclusion – Accelerating Global Participation & Access Through ‘Open ICT Standards’

By |September 5th, 2007|

The ‘Standards Edge’ conference entitled Digital Inclusion: Accelerating Global Participation & Access through Open ICT Standards. The conference will take place on November 11, 2007, one day before the Internet Governance Forum, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This conference is sponsored by Sun Microsystems and the Bolin Group. Invited sponsors include Red Hat, the Brazilian Presidency […]

IGF Dynamic Coalition on Open Standards (DCOS) Contribution for Rio Summit

By |May 16th, 2007|

DCOS was created at the Athens Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in November 2006. Our mission is to provide government policy makers and other stakeholders with useful tools to make informed decisions to preserve the current open architecture of the Internet and the World Wide Web, which together provide a knowledge ecosystems that has profoundly shaped the multiplier effect of global public goods and improved economic and social welfare. ...

IGF Dynamic Coalition on Open Standards (DCOS) Meeting on 9-10 July 2007 in Geneva

By |May 1st, 2007|

The UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Dynamic Coalition on Open Standards (DCOS) will meeting on 9-10 July 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland.