Global Civil Society Statement in Support of Petition for a Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group at ICANN

By |April 15th, 2009|

Over 60 Non-Commercial Organizations from all corners of the globe signed in support of the petition from the Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) for a stakeholder group at ICANN including Article 19, Privacy International, EPIC, FreePress, Asociatia pentru Tehnologie si Internet, EDRi, Public Knowledge, CPSR, Electronic Frontier Foundation, ICT Consumer Association of Kenya, AGEA DENSI, Association for Progressive Communications, Knowledge Ecology International, University of West Indies At Large Structure, RITS, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication, Alfa-Redi, Internet Society Mauritius, International Institute for Sustainable Development, FGV-CTS, Asociación por los Derechos Civiles, and many more NGOs

Ralph Yarro and His Anti-Porn Crusaders March on ICANN & Demand Global Censorship

By |March 19th, 2009|

ICANN is accepting comments from the public on the proposed censorship constituency until 5 April 2009. SCO Group Chairman Ralph Yarro III, the ultra-conservative behind what Business Week dubbed "the most hated company in tech" (SCO) for stealing the computer code of thousands of Linux open source programmers is now behind efforts to flood ICANN with identical form letters encouraging the adoption of Yarro's "Cybersafety" Constituency during the Public Comment Period. The proposed "Cybersafety" Constituency claims to be concerned with "safety", but in reality is just a couple of anti-porn extremists in Yarro's flock who see ICANN as an opportunity for control of the flow of information on the Internet. The proposed constituency is run by CP80, Yarro's anti-porn outfit that argues for using ICANN as a 'choke point' to impose global censorship on the Internet. Naturally, Yarro and his anti-porn zealots at CP80 propose that they know what is best for you and to what information you should be permitted access. Send ICANN a comment today.

Non-Commercial Users File Petition to Form Stake-Holder Group at ICANN

By |March 16th, 2009|

The essential elements of this proposal are: Noncommercial stakeholders join the NCSG directly, and the NCSG keeps track of membership and administers voting for Council seats by the membership as a whole. The NCSG is administered by an annually elected Chair and a Policy Committee. The Policy Committee is composed of the 6 elected GNSO Councilors and one representative from each Constituency. There are three classes of membership: 1) large organizations (which receive 4 votes), small organizations (which receive 2 votes) and individuals (who receive 1 vote). Constituencies are formed as sub-units within the NCSG. We have deliberately made it relatively easy to form and join constituencies; at the same time we have de-linked Constituency formation from Council seats so that NCSG participants do not have artificial incentives to fragment into competing groups. If the Board wishes to approve constituency formation under these terms we will embody this requirement in the charter. Constituencies are given special rights to propose Working Groups and assured that their positions are incorporated into any and all public comments submitted by the NCSG into the policy development process. To protect the voice of minorities in the policy process, we require all NCSG representatives on the GNSO Council to vote in favor of the formation of a Working Group if it has the support of 1/3 of the constituencies or 1/5 of the whole membership.....

USTR Statement on Dec. 2008 ACTA Negotiations in Paris

By |December 18th, 2008|

The meeting was opened by French Trade Minister, Mrs. Anne-Marie Idrac, who reaffirmed the strong commitment of the EU in favour of intellectual property rights (IPR), against counterfeiting and piracy, and called for constructive and ambitious negotiations. Participants reaffirmed their commitments to negotiate an agreement to combat global infringements of IPR, particularly in the context of counterfeiting and piracy, ...

Get Involved in Internet Policy at ICANN: NonCommercial Users Constituency (NCUC) Membership Drive

By |December 2nd, 2008|

CALL TO ACTION: Individuals and nonprofit organizations are invited to join ICANN's Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) to become involved in Internet policy discussions. Protect privacy rights, free expression guarantees, and due process of law regarding Internet domain names by getting involved and joining NCUC today.

A2K@IGF Dynamic Coalition Session: Access to Knowledge and Freedom of Expression Policies for the Development of a Global Information Economy

By |December 1st, 2008|

Hyderabad, India - 5 December 2008

Open Letter to World Customs Organization Concerning Increased Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

By |October 28th, 2008|

We the undersigned public interest groups and individuals are writing to raise our concerns about recent developments in the World Customs Organisation, in particular the setting of intellectual property enforcement standards that go beyond the TRIPS agreement (TRIPS plus) in the SECURE Working Group, the lack of dialogue with, and involvement of public interest organisations in the standard setting process and the lack of transparency surrounding the Working Group’s work. The Expansive IP enforcement standards being pushed hurriedly in the SECURE Working Group are of deep concern. It is well known that the recent push for strong TRIPS plus enforcement standards comes from developed countries and their commercial entities, and they are seeking international organizations to set such standards on their behalf. Noting the recent developments at the WCO, it appears that WCO is targeted as one such organisation. ...

Cautionary Letter on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) from US Senators Leahy and Specter to US Trade Representative (USTR)

By |October 2nd, 2008|

"... we urge you not to rush into a new, broad Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement that may have significant impact on intellectual property protection at home and abroad..."

Public Interest NGO’s Express Concerns with Proposed Senate Bill on Intellectual Property Enforcement

By |September 10th, 2008|

Twelve Public Interest Organizations Send US Senate Judiciary Joint Letter on Concerns Regarding S.3325, the "Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Act of 2008": "The undersigned groups write to express our concerns with S. 3325, the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Act of 2008, soon to be marked up in the Committee on the Judiciary. While enforcing IP rights is necessary to ensuring the progress of science and the useful arts, an unbalanced approach to enforcement would lead to unintended harms and impede that progress. Several of the provisions contained within S. 3325 threaten such an imbalance...."

G8 Declaration on the World Economy

By |July 9th, 2008|

Read Text of GB Declaration on a World Economy and G8's Pledge to Increase Intellectual Property Rights and International Enforcement and to Deputize Customs Agents to Search and Seize Laptops, iPods, and PDA's of Unsuspected Citizens in Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)